Friday, March 26, 2010

Value Options

This blog is meant mostly to showcase my polished work, but there are occasional times where I'll share some jewels of information that I pick up on my life long journey into this thing called art. :D

Here's some rough, rough value sketches I did today after going back and revisiting some books about painting nature and building a strong composition. It's a great quick exercise that'll teach you about some of the options you have when creating a piece.

These are all the same scene with 3 main tones shifted about (foreground, midground and background) to give a different mood and highlight to each piece. They are all possible scenarios in reality depending on time of day and lighing.

The top row have the light value in the Background.
The middle row have the light value in the Foreground, with the dark value either in the mid (right image), or background (left image).
The last row has the light value in the mid ground highlighting the bridge element.


Anthony Pascoe said...

Great studies Carl !

Mike Eppe said...

As I see, you never stop studying!
Where do you want to go in art?
Are you still a student?

Great work!
Take care

Carl Knox said...

Anth: Thanks mate, how's the swing set holding up?... any YOU build I'd be a little weary of. :P

Mike: I'll always be a student Mike. :P Apart from a few short online courses I'm mostly self taught, and there is always more.

I'll end up either in concept art, or illustration. Your caricatures are coming along just killer too!

Francisco Martins said...

Pfff! you're killing me with every new post! lol
These are amazinbg dude! )

Ken said...
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Ken said...

Interesting stuff! So what do the different values mean? And hows that little red riding hood project coming eh!?

Carl Knox said...

Thanks Francisco! You're always proping me up more than I deserve. :D

Kenzo mate! I realised I was stuck in a pattern of foreground things being darkest, and the bg fading off with atmospheric fog. Just a little excercise to break the habbit, that's all. Red is coming along, I'm stuck in environment studies at the moment.

Jordan Lamarre-Wan said...

looking good, I like the last one on the bottom right but i would add some light to push the background away.

Carl Knox said...

It's funny, people all like different ones. Some people like isolating the bridge, others picture a foreground narrative, etc...

I'm not sure there is a "right one". They all tell a different story and set a different mood. That's what I like about doing something like this, it gives me options.