Saturday, March 20, 2010

Study study study

Matte Painting practice with ref


Elise M. said...

I always look forward to your updates! Awesome stuff. Your work always looks so refined... how long do you reckon you spent on the mountains and industrial rig?

Carl Knox said...

Hey Elise!

Missed you on the weekend! It was an awesome line up; live music again, crazy people, zen was getting lots of pats, and of course the drawing :P

The mountains took me waaay longer than they should have; about 10 hours total. I'm still getting a hang of using colour. The industrial rig about the same I guess, but I repainted that one from scratch a couple of times till I got a nice composition.

See ya soon!

Edward W.C. said...

Always massive studies. Nice.
While doing the studies, how often do you stretch your legs and get some blood flow back through the butt cheeks? :P

Carl Knox said...

lucky my dog gets me up every hour for a pat and a wrestle. :P keeps my butt cheeks in check.

Francisco Martins said...

I thought that this was a photo...LOL! you're geting really good at this Carl!

Elise M. said...

10 hours is pretty good for this kind of quality!

Oh I heard the story about the dog activist hobo lol. I agree the band was good! :)