Thursday, March 4, 2010

Industrial Rig Concept

Had fun with this one.... easy to get lost in the details. Enjoy.

and for those playing at home:


Luke Watson said...

great work, carl. Are these practice still or comissions?

Carl Knox said...

Folio pieces mostly, to show the whole range on my awesomeness. Not only am I incredibly good looking and humble too, I can also paint enviros and characters. :D

Anthony Pascoe said...

Awesome work Carl !.. I'll have to pick you brain about your digital stuff next time we catch up

Mike Eppe said...

This piece is amazing!
I very like this kind of work.

Anonymous said...

I saw your Melbourne Sketchgroup thread over at and thought I should give you guys a heads up.

Read this:

Marty Howe, the guy who posted on your thread is BAD NEWS. I'm not kidding in the slightest. I don't have a vendetta against this guy but based on my own personal experience and the stories other people have told, I thought I should give you fellow artists a fair warning. I had the unpleasant experience of taking one of his art tests. The feedback from other people who have taken his tests is well documented in this tsumea thread. So it's not just me who has spoken up about this dodgy guy but several others as well.

Carl Knox said...

Bahahahhaha. Oh man. I just recieved an email from him today! He sure does get around.

I requested to meet up with him at his studio to talk about up coming 'projects' he is supposedly working on. Needless to say he replied: "unable to continue...". Ha!

For the record Marty runs and it is advised other artists out there refuse to do work with him also!

Carl Knox said...

Cheers mate, I appreciate the support!

Seems everyone I've been in contact with has something bad to say about him.

Francisco Martins said...

Wowwwwwwwwwww! And i say more...WOWWWWWW!
Dude this is super duper cool! :D

You're getting better and better by the day!! :D

Chase Standley said...

Great piece man. I really like the perspective:) keep popping them out!

Unknown said...

Great piece Carl - gee you get lost in those don't you ?
Top folio piece.

Carl Knox said...

Francisco it was good chatting with you the other night! Speak again soon.

Hey Chase, thanks mate. Love your characters!

Hey Tel, keep pumping out that work mate! Your discipline keeps me goin'.. makes me feel bad if I'm not drawing. :D

Chase Standley said...

Hey Carl,

Thanks for the post. How did you like's online school? did it help you? Can you actually go to the physical school or is it just online?

thanks again

kencoogan said...

Really impressive work Carl!! I love those b&w concept sketches too! Looking forward to seeing more!

Abz said...

something i wouldnt be able to pull off...not in a million years... awesome!!!