Sunday, January 2, 2011

3 ... 2.... 1..... happy new year!

It's been a great start to the new year already with my pen scribbling away like mad. Enjoy!


Ally Hodges said...

Those thumbnails look really satisfying to do, especially when they are all on one page, it turns into a composition all on its own. Cheap, Bic ballpoint pins are the best! Nice work, Carl!!

Mike Eppe said...

Amazing thumbnails !!!
Just a problem, I can't enlarge it...

Happy new year, Carl!


Francisco Martins said...

Awe and some! :D
love it, I'm obsessed with classic art canons and beauty standards, always loved that kind of stuff in history of arts classes :)
Great work dude

Lineaist said...

Nice detail, Bro! We're in the same ball-point school of draftsmanship, and you're head of the class, mate! Nice work... It's easiest to advance the craft when the tools are always present. Similar to Ian McCaig and his art paper of preference being garden variety photocopy paper!