Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lil Red.

So I'm trying my hand at redesigning the well known characters from the Grimm brothers; Red Riding Hood. Yes I know it's been done to death, but I'm going to do it better.

Here's the first stage: Thumbnails. I did dozens of these lil guys, and I really should have done hundreds more; hell I still might, but this marks the pushing off down the river without a paddle. Come join me, the water is great


Martin Brennand said...

Great start!

Is she still going to be delivering her basket to Grandmas? What is her purpose/motivation in the re-envisioned tale?

Carl Knox said...

Hey Martin,

I'm still playing with ideas at the moment... currently the winner is showing the characters 15 years after the "grandma event" took place. Grandma has passed on, Red rides a motorcycle and it's a much much darker place now, possibly post-apocalyptic. We'll see where the sketches take me. :P

Franco Spagnolo said...

Great sketchs, line and characters.

Carl Knox said...

Hey Franco,

ha... I'll be happy if they look half as good as some of your concepts. :)

Stay tuned... i'm polishing some of them as we speak.

Esz said...

I like the post apocalyptic idea. Maybe she could be a reluctant beacon of hope to other survivors (the red hood IS an icon lol).

Carl Knox said...

Hey Esz,

I'll throw out some "savior" concepts and see how they grab me.

what do you think of the biker gang: The Red Riding Hoods. Too obvious?