Thursday, November 5, 2009


Trying some simple lines.


Ken said...

nice, that's a new stylistic direction! Be interesting to see where you take it.

By the way dude - Im from Scotland not Ireland! Fool!!!

Ken said...

oooh an update!

Im liking these. Would make good fashion art... which isnt an insult!!! And I forgive the Irish thing dude. My left arm is Irish you see!

Oh and leave the viagra ads up please, gonna check em later hahaha

Ben Zen said...

These look great Carl, looks like you've been experimenting/developing your style. I'm liking the colour too. Have to catch up again soon :)

Anthony Pascoe said...

nice sketches Carl !!

Unknown said...

And what lines!! :D
This is really cool, Carl, i love the looseness, and the texture. Awesome!


Carl Knox said...

thanks for the comments guys!

I think I'll leave this style alone for a little while... it's not too useful in the concept art world :P