Monday, March 30, 2009


Page of B&W from imagination to get the creative juices flowing.

and another one:


Francisco Martins said...

Heya Carl,
Dude, your studies are always sooo beautiful...there's so much movement in them. I can picture the figures in my mind coming to life - moving gracefully, walking and dancing. There's this strange oriental song (in my head) that goes along with the moving figures. Yeah I know...I'm completely insane! :P
Anyway...amazing and very inspiring work, buddy!

Francisco Martins

Pupi said...

so nice, they have a lot of movement. I like the Clint Estwood one. I know you and Nico are "blog buddies" ha ha ha this artist's circle is very small :P Cheers

Nico Di Mattia said...

Coooool!! the dynamism in those characters is superb! nice proportions and lines!
Cheers mate!

Anthony Pascoe said...

Really nice sketches Carl ! great linework

Dan szilagyi said...

Hi Carl,

Thank you for the kind words man! i have to say your studies and color work is top notch in it's own right!

I'll be checking out your work more often man!

To answer your question, the storyboarding i did wasn't the type that you'd find in regular TV and for was an on-line 3D game, however in general and depending on the style of the show putting in all that detail sometimes makes you pull your hair haha, i've heard stories of people taking hours and hours of extra work to do that and have a director tell them to re-do it for other reasons, i know what you mean though because there is the urge to do that but i think you learn to save yourself the trouble.

Feel free to ask me anything any time though man!

keep up the great work here!


Francisco Martins said...

Yoh Carl,
The second studies board is awesome too. I especially love the girl with the baloon...I Just love it!
Who's the master?? Mister Carl Knox is! hehe

Francisco Martins

Carl Knox said...

thanks guys!!!

Finally all those anatomy studies and gesturals are paying off. I seriously lost myself for hours in these sketches just doodling and carving masses with light and darks.

I'll try and get some polished pieces out of some of these. so stay posted. :)

Grigory Lozinsky said...

Great sketches!!!

Paul said...

looks like you've got that "from imagination" thing happening now mate, these are great!